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Articles by C.A.A. Savastano


Exiled Cuban Crusaders: An inspection of two exiled Cuban brothers who sought fame, wealth, and military victory and found embittered defeat.

The Accidental Shot Claims: The unlikely story of Howard Donahue and his evolving theory that a member of the Secret Service killed President Kennedy faces inspection. 

A Flawed Investigation: An evaluation of notable flaws contained in the President's (Warren) Commission investigation evidence including official prejudgments of the suspect's guilt in less than a week.

The Autonomous Groups: A review of Manuel Artime and the autonomous group funded by the CIA that he led in 1963.

A Fellow Traveler:  Marvin Kantor was a former US Marine who went to Minsk repeatedly and encountered both Russian and American intelligence officials seeking to use him in ongoing clandestine battles. The story and its similarities reminded officials of another notable case.

The Man Formerly known as James Sutton: The story of asserted gunman James Files is compared to the verifiable evidence. 

A Fake Card-Carrying Member: An inspection of Lee Harvey Oswald and the Fair Play for Cuba Committee reveals problems with a Communist motive and two federal agencies targeting the group in late 1963.


Evidence and the Big Easy: A review of Lee Harvey Oswald's family and timeline in New Orleans, January 5, 2016

Mythical Specters: A look at some of the unlikely myths surrounding Lee Harvey Oswald., February 4, 2016

A Brief History of Executive Action: Inspecting the history of intelligence organizations and assassination in relation to the Kennedy case.

The LBJ Myths: Comparing the many nefarious tales and the verifiable evidence in relation to Lyndon Baines Johnson.

The Curse of Cock Robin: The agenda of some officials predisposed to Oswald's guilt before the President's Commission was even formed.

Cuban Relations: Reviewing the political relations of America and Cuba before and during the Kennedy administration.

Evidence and the Big Easy II: Comparing the evidence to a few unlikely tales emerging from New Orleans.

Assertions of Association: Testing the claim that Lee Harvey Oswald knew Jack Ruby against primary evidence.

The Imprisoned Defector: The defector held in vile conditions whose useful intelligence about Lee Harvey Oswald was disregarded until years after the President's Commission investigation.

Down and Out in Mexico City: A review of the stories and allegation regarding Lee Harvey Oswald's trip to Mexico City. 

P.O. Box Questions: Inspecting Dallas Post Office Box 2915 and unanswered questions regard its former owner Lee Harvey Oswald. 

The Death and Times of a Gangster: The final days of Mafioso Johnny Roselli are revisited and his use in official plots and his brutal murder following Congressional testimony is discussed. 


FBI Loyalties in the CIA: A review of many key players in the CIA Castro plots that were prior FBI and became CIA employees.

A Question of Time: A highly reduced timeline for Oswald to complete the many prior actions preceding the conspiracy based on primary evidence.

Assign blame where it is verifiably Due: A review of a few leading officials who obstructed the President’s Commission investigation.

Three Company Men: An inspection of the suppression, deceptions, and concealment organized and undertaken by three leading CIA officers.

Belief and Evidence: A rebuttal of the"Prayer Man" hypothesis with substantial evidence.

The Ghost of Speculations Present: An article further dispelling the improbable assertions of Judyth Baker with primary evidence.

P.S. I Loathe You: A review of internal disagreements in the Kennedy investigation.

Who was QJWIN?: Documents that reveal the true name of the famous cryptonym.

The Business of Intelligence: A review of CIA Project QKENCHANT and some of its members.

The Calderon Affair: A look at the allegations regarding Luisa Calderon and Mexico City.

Disputed Claims and Suspects: Reviewing the conflicting facts about Mexico City, prior threats to JFK, and a man arrested prior to Lee Harvey Oswald.

Who was WIROGUE-1?: Regarding the other Agency potential assassin's identity and background.


While Assassination Conspiracy is feasible, it assigns Oswald some guilt: A rebuttal of the Oswald Innocence Campaign Member's Statement and the website administrated by Ralph Cinque.

Speculations that fail to consider the Primary Evidence remain in doubt: A rebuttal of "Face it: Oswald did it" by the Economist Magazine.

The Mexico City Files: Criticism and Advocacy: An article discussing the evidence and speculations long held as the definitive in this matter.

Another Photographic claim that Fails to prove its assertions: A rebuttal of "An End to Conspiracy? Rare Photo of Lee Harvey Oswald Suggests Why he's guilty" by Gary Mack

Most tragic events are not directly related, nor a domestic conspiracy: A rebuttal of "Talking with Jim Marrs about JFK and 9/11 Parallels" by Morgan Reynolds

Hyperbole, Insults, and the Deficiencies of arguments that employ them: A rebuttal of McBride's Folly: How the conspirati avoid the truth about the murder of Officer J.D. Tippit by Dale K. Myers

Assertions, Feelings, and Evidence: A review of the "Real Deal" Podcast interview of Greg Burnham with James Fetzer

Skepticism is Warranted if the Primary Evidence is repeatedly contending: A rebuttal of "JFK Conspiracy theories at 50: How Skeptics Got It Wrong and Why It Matters" by David Reitzes

Ignore the Bias and Seek all the Evidence: A rebuttal of "The Holy Grail of JFK Conspiracies Will Never Be Found" by John McAdams

When Information becomes Disinformation: A rebuttal of Alex Jones' unproven claims and modern connections to the Kennedy Assassination.

Lee Harvey Oswald feasibly had no consistent Rifle Practice: A review of portions of the President's (Warren) Commission findings.

Most Official Evidence is required to proving a Feasible Conspiracy: Inspecting the misconception that official evidence serves only prior official conclusions.

The Problematic Single Bullet Theory: A rebuttal to the famous President's (Warren) Commission hypothesis.

Mixed Agendas, Militants, and the Mafia: A review of the Kennedy assassination's often ignored criminal connections.

Who were Mr. and Mrs. Oswald: A review of Lee and Marina Oswald's actions.

A Tale of Too Many Rifles: A review of the various weapons claimed to be present in the Texas Schoolbook Depository during the Assassination of President Kennedy.

The Ghost of Speculations Past: An inspection of Judyth V. Baker's assertions concerning the Kennedy Assassination.

A Second Look at Guy Banister: Evidence is revealed that officially links Guy Banister a suspect of the Garrison investigation to the CIA.

A little discussed connection of Note: Evidence is offered that proves Jack Ruby was a former inactive FBI criminal informant.

The Rumor heard around the World: An inspection of the evidence related to the failed shooting of General Edwin Walker.

Traveler, Informants, and Defectors: A review of evidence never offered to the President’s Commission regarding official activities.

Are many Suspicious deaths supported by Evidence?: A rebuttal of “A closer look at the HSCA list of 21 deaths” by Richard Charnin


Political Assassination and the Unsigned Murder Guide: A review of the CIA's guide "A Study of Assassination".

Reserve Complete Judgement and Use all the Evidence: A rebuttal of "JFK believe it or not: Oswald wasn't even a shooter!" by Richard Hooke w/ Dr. James Fetzer

Not all the Facts lead to Oswald: A rebuttal of comments made by Vincent Bugliosi in "Why Vincent Bugliosi is so sure Oswald alone killed JFK" interview

The Conflicting Motivations of Jack Ruby: A rebuttal of the article "Did he Do it for Jackie?" by John McAdams, an "essay based heavily on newsgroup posts by Jean Davison and Dave Reitzes"



This Day in Wikileaks - Understanding Julian Assange and the US Media: Government secrets and the role of media in society are evaluated and weighed against necessary official transparency.

President Obama gives conflicting and uplifting farewell address to United Nations: A review of the ideas and inconsistencies with President Obama's prior speech.

The Students for a Democratic Society Goals and the Vietnam War in the 1960s: The development and impact of a small anti-War activist group during the Vietnam War. 

Today's World Rests on an Empire of Debt: Discussion and video of the good, bad, and contradictory things in today's financial markets. 

Saving Private Ryan is the Greatest Pro-War Propaganda Movie Ever Made: Reviewing the long-term pattern of using agenda driven messages in film.  

Articles by Trish Fleming-Jendro and Zachary D. Jendro


Judyth, Lee, and the Reverend James Souvenir ShopPrimary evidence is reviewed to dispel the unproven claims of Judyth Baker.

The Devil is in the Details, A review of the witnesses and evidence regarding the period directly after President Kennedy's assassination. 

The Curious Case of the American Bakeries Pay Voucher, Regarding a strange piece of evidence found on the person of Lee Harvey Oswald.

An analysis of the ARRB testimony of Jerrol Custer, A review of the Bethesda staff member and his legal statements.

Penn Jones, Pt. 1, A review of the ideas offered by Penn Jones regarding the JFK case. 

Articles by Matthew Scheufele


Mr. Veciana did you mean Merton?, An extensive review of the man claimed to be Melton, a CIA Agent with the pseudonym Merton, and the questions that lead to believing they might be the same person. January 8, 2017 


Drexel Gibson and the Berlitz School, Reviewing the story of a Cuban businessman, informant, and prisoner and his role in American and Cuban politics. February 21, 2016


Vindication for Kerry ThornleyAffirming and dispelling the many claims surrounding this acquaintance of Lee Harvey Oswald. January 15, 2015

Primary Sources continue to Vindicate Kerry ThornleyA return to the primary evidence to dispel the various claims of Judyth Baker regarding Lee Harvey Oswald's associate. February 1, 2015

Vindication for Eric RogersAffirming and dispelling the many assertions regarding Eric Rogers levied by unproven sources. February 14, 2015

You are correct! He was outside just before he went homeRegarding the unproven claims and actions supported by some evidence regarding Lee Harvey Oswald. June 1, 2015

The Use of Business Contacts for IntelligenceAn inspection of the ties within the business and intelligence communities. June 8, 2015

Vindication for Silvia DuranDispelling the varied unproven claims regarding Silvia Duran and Lee Harvey Oswald. August 9, 2015 

Vindication for Mexico City, The evidence and myths surrounding the JFK case in Mexico City are reviewed. September 4, 2015

Altgens – 6 Guess What? It Is Lovelady not Oswald!, Dissecting the myth of Lee Harvey Oswald in the Depository entrance-way, a long standing claim with little evidence to support it. November 1, 2015

Research Community- Help Wanted, Regarding enduring questions about the Mexico City episodes and the primary documents related to them. November 26, 2015 


A Swan, A Scituate, Massachusetts Radio Station, and Dripping CubanAn article discussing the actions and history of David Atlee Phillips. October 26, 2014

Private SchrandInspecting the strange death noted by the Warren Commission. November 3, 2014

Articles By Charles Cliff


Clay Shaw: Innocent Man or Covert Agent?, A review of New Orleans suspect Clay Shaw and the allegations surrounding him. January 18, 2015