Recommended Additional Resources

   (A list of relevant primary evidence collections available for independent research and verification)   

The Assassination Archives Research Center 

A digital repository of primary official evidence in original form. 

The Central Intelligence Agency

A collection of articles, reviews, and historical commentary regarding the Agency.

Dallas Municipal Archives - The John F. Kennedy Dallas Police Department Collection

A series of original documents regarding aspects of the John F. Kennedy assassination.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation

A large collection of primary evidence related to Bureau operations.

The George Washington University - National Security Archive

A large database of relevant National Security operations in both original and transcribed forms.

JFK Primary Sources                           

A wealth of information links to related primary evidence and aggregate research.

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

A collection of official documents and media regarding the former president.

The Hood College - Harold Weisberg Archive

An extensive collection of primary documents provided by the journalist and former Office of Strategic Services member. 

The Mary Ferrell Foundation

A significant database of primary official evidence in original form and research articles.

The United States Department of State - Office of the Historian

A repository of many historical documents in original form.

The United States National Archives and Records Administration

The national database of primary official evidence. Some documents are transcribed, some documents appear in original form.