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An expanding collection of newly offered and little known primary evidence relevant to matters of historical importance

Intelligence References


Cryptonyms, Pseudonyms, and Aliases: A collection of decoded Agency, mercenary, exile, and criminal designations previously hidden from the public. 


CIA Biographic Profiles: Formerly classified Agency internal files and information collected on their employees.

CIA Defector Study: A draft study on American defectors to the Soviet Union that includes Lee Harvey Oswald.

CIA Fitness Reports: Reports that monitored job performance, advancement possibilities, and proper employee utilization.

CIA Historical Structure: A review of the previous evolving structure of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) illustrated with official files. Some files are updated versions listing internal Agency changes and reorganization. Additionally, those leaders and departments serving prior and during the King and Kennedy cases are included with additional information.   

CIA Operations and Projects: A collection of decoded Agency operations and projects. Included are some members identities previously hidden from the public. 

CIA Personal History Statements: Collected files and supplemental reports on CIA applicants, employees, and officers.

CIA Policy and Resource Documents: Internal reports, policy regulations, security protocols, and operational references.  

CIA Security Files: The Office of Security files on notable related individuals and groups.