Best of The Lone Gunman Podcast with Rob Clark


Episode 135, The Bishop Fairytale, Topic: Carmine Savastano joins Rob Clark to discuss the allegations, evidence, and problems with an evolving story offered by Cuban exile banker Antonio Veciana.

Episode 137, Clark on Ochelli on Frazier, Topic: The JFK assassination case, Buell Frazier, and related evidence.

Episode 138, Swan Song, Topic: The farewell episode of the TLG Podcast includes Rob discussing the show, its supporters, its goal, the guests, the myths, and fighting the good fight. 


Episode 98, The Tramps, Topic: A dissection of some myths and evidence regarding the confirmed identity of the the Three Tramps near Dealey Plaza. 

Episode 99, Hunt and Sturgis, Topic: Rob welcomes author Carmine Savastano to review evidence and myths regarding the E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis and the JFK case. 

Episode 100, "I dropped him off at the building", Topic: Rob offers his perspective on the contending evidence regarding the statements of JFK assassination witness Buell Frazier.

Episode 101, The Duff, Topic: Rob discusses General Edwin Walker's former lodger William McEwan Duff and his connection to Lee Harvey Oswald.

Episode 103, Little known tidbits, Topics: A look at the JFK cases lesser known claims and items of interest. 

Episode 105, The Ghost of Billy Lovelady, Topics: Rob offers evidence to dispel the claims of Lee Harvey Oswald being Doorway Man. 

Episode 107, Changing Lanes, Topic: NMG Editor Carmine Savastano joins Rob to discuss the contributions and lesser know activities of researcher and JFK conspiracy advocate Mark Lane.

Episode 108, The Hollywood Treatment, Topic: Rob welcomes Neapolis Media Group researcher Charles Cliff to discuss Hollywood and its various portrayals of the JFK case. 

Episode 109, The Trial of Jack Ruby, Topic: Rob inspects the contentious investigation and trial of Jack Ruby, the assassin of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Episode 110, Killing the Would be Hero, Topic: Rob inspects the death of JD. Tippit and the many ideas that surround him related to the Kennedy assassination. 

Episode 113, CIA Revelations with Carmine, Topic: NMG's Editor-in-Chief Carmine Savastano stops by to chat with Rob.  They discuss the claims of former Agency employee James Wilcott and compare them to primary evidence.

Episode 114, "I Was There" The Keith Gilbert Interview, Topic: Rob has a lengthy discussion with the former Minuteman and right-wing figure alleged to have made threats to Martin Luther King. Gilbert discusses his ideas regarding the Kennedy assassination and relationships with those peripheral to it. 

Episode 116, "The Grassy Knoll Witnesses", Topic: Rob discusses and reviews various testimony and allegations of witnesses near the Grassy Knoll area of Dealey Plaza.  

Episode 118, "Who was Clay Shaw?", Topic: Rob inspects the claims and allegations regarding the main suspect of New Orleans Prosecutor Jim Garrison's legal case.

Episode 119, "Minutemen and the Kennedy Assassination", Topic: Robert N. Taylor, a former Minutemen spokesperson, joins Rob to discuss the Kennedy case. They review the allegations regarding his former organization and unlikely associated claims as well. 

Episode 120, "Trouble in New Orleans", Topics: Rob welcomes author and researcher Carmine Savastano to discuss evidence regarding Garrison Investigation, the claims of Gordon Novel, and CIA officer George Joannides.  

Episode 121, "The Primer", Topics: Rob discussed a range of issues within the Kennedy case that support a possible conspiracy. 

Episode 122, "Beating the Bushies w/Doug", Topic: Host of the Dallas Action podcast Doug Campbell joins Rob to expose unproven claims that former President George Bush is a suspect in the JFK case.  

Episode 123, "The Man Who claimed Too Much", Topic: Author Carmine Savastano returns to discuss the claims and evidence regarding Richard Case Nagell. 

Episode 125, "Outside the ARRB", Topic: Rob Clark reviews a 2013 speech by Assassinations Records Review Board lead counsel T. Jeremy Gunn. Gunn offers his views and the problems with prior government investigations.

Episode 126, "Shredding Claims with FJ James", Topic: Researcher F.J. James visits the show to contend improbable claims in the JFK case. 

Episode 127, "Much Ado About Nothing with Doug", Topics: Doug Campbell joins Rob to review some improbable claims in the JFK case.

Episode 128, "Hard Words with Jacob Carter", Topics: Author Jacob Carter and Rob discuss the challenges to making progress in the JFK research community.

Episode 130, "Punchin' Judy Part 2", Topic: Carmine Savastano joins Rob Clark to offer evidence and discuss the improbable claims and unreasonable actions of Judyth Baker and those who believe her myth. 

Episode 131, "The Searchers w/ Randy Benson", Topic: Filmmaker Randy Benson visited Rob to discuss his new film that regards the life of and work of some well-known researchers and activists in the JFK case.

Episode 133, "Acme Building Maintenance w/ Tim Yaccarino", Topic: Researcher Tim Yaccarino joins Rob to discuss the JFK case, research, and standards of evidence. 

Episode 134, "Oswald's Library Card w/ Stu Wexler", Topic: Historian and Educator Stuart Wexler visits the show to discuss interesting connections between Lee Harvey Oswald and largely overlooked figures in the JFK case.  


Episode 42, Punchin' Judy, Topic: Rob tackles the improbable and unproven claims of Judyth Baker.

Episode 44, Why LBJ Didn't Do It, Topic: Rob dispels the often repeated but little proven ideas of Lyndon Johnson being responsible for the assassination

Episode 45, Russ LaChapelle Interview, Topics: The first half of a two part discussion of the JFK case with Researcher Russ LaChapelle

Episode 50, Special Edition with Activist and Researcher Paul Wesley, Topics: Activism, media, and the JFK assassination case. 

Episode 51, Documents with NMG Managing Editor and Researcher Carmine Savastano, Topics: Primary evidence and the JFK assassination case. 

Episode 55, NMG Researcher Charles Cliff on the Garrison Case, Topics: The Jim Garrison JFK investigation. 

Episode 57, Researcher Steve Roe, Topics: The JFK case from differing viewpoints. 

Episode 58, Beep Beep Richie (Charnin Challenge) with Carmine Savastano, Topics: Dissecting the improbable claims of Richard Charnin and over a hundred asserted mysterious deaths in the JFK case. 

Episode 60, Fetzer Fueled Myths with Charles Cliff,  Topic: The various improbable claims and myths of Researcher Jim Fetzer and the effect upon the case.  

Episode 62, Don't Mess with the Family with Carmine Savastano, Topic: The Mafia and Jack Ruby's feasible role in the JFK case. 

Episode 63, Remnants of the Truth, Topic: Research and TLGP Host Rob Clark reviews a book regarding the Garrison Investigation evidence by Thomas Beckham.  

Episode 65, The Texas School Book Depository...House of Lies with Rob Clark, Topic: The events and evidence in the TSBD. 

Episode 66, Robert F. Kennedy Tribute and the Texas School Book Depository...House of Lies part 2, Topics: Honoring RFK and the TSBD. 

Episode 68, 1026 N. Beckley, Topics: The living arrangements of Lee Harvey Oswald and problems regarding the evidence. 

Episode 69, The Unwittingly Witting Defector with Carmine Savastano, Topic: The 1967 CIA Defector Study of Lee Harvey Oswald compared to dozens of other defectors. 

Episode 70, Oswald's Secret KGB Meeting in Mexico, Topics: Lee Harvey Oswald, Mexico City events related to the JFK case. 

Episode 71, JFK Primary Sources with Will, Topics: Importance of primary sources and evidence regarding research, the JFK primary Sources website.

Episode 72, The Machine Says you're Lying with Francesca Akhtar, Topics: The George O'Toole book titled "The Assassination Tapes" and the JFK case. 

Episode 73, The Mysterious Package with Steve Roe, Topics: Evidence related to the JFK case.

Episode 74, Impossible! The Case against Lee Harvey Oswald with Researcher and Author Barry Krusch, Topics: Reviewing the evidence regarding Lee Harvey Oswald. 

Episode 76, Conversations with the Hitman...Matthew Scheufele, Topics: The JFK case and intelligence matter surrounding it with researcher Matthew Scheufele.

Episode 77, Dissenting Views with Joseph Green, Topics: Author and filmmaker Joseph Green discusses his new projects including his new book Dissenting Views 2 with host Rob Clark. 

Episode 78, Knowledge of Assassination with Carmine Savastano, Topics: NMG's C.A.A. Savastano discusses the primary evidence with Rob concerning officials with possible foreknowledge of President Kennedy's assassination.

Episode 80, The Organization Exposed, Topic: Rob Clark discussed the militant groups and influences in the Kennedy assassination.

Episode 81, Loser, Loner, Loon, or Legit?, Topic: Rob covers the varying ideas and assertions made about Lee Harvey Oswald and his personality.

Episode 82, Who can you trust?, Topic: Rob takes a look at the more obscure stories associated with the Kennedy Assassination.

Episode 83, The Walker Incident with Carmine Savastano, Topic: Rob and NMG's C.A.A. Savastano review primary documents and discussed the many problems with official claims regarding General Walker and Lee Harvey Oswald.

Episode 85, Live with Felipe Hemming and Scott Kaiser, Topic: Rob hosts the first live debate on the TLG Podcast, the sons of two names associated with the Kennedy case square off.

Episode 86, Inside Job with Richard Gilbride, Topic: Rob discusses the case with researcher and author Richard Gilbride.

Episode 90, Paine's in the Arse, Topic: Historian Francesca Akhtar returns to discuss the Paine family relation to the JFK case.

Episode 91, Going HAM on Turkey Day, Topic: Rob expresses his dismay and frustration with some of the JFK community.

Episode 92, Hidell's Guns, Topic: Rob is joined by author and NMG Editor Carmine Savastano to discuss the weapons and evidence associated with Lee Harvey Oswald.

Episode 93, Fetzering the Rubicon,  Topic: NMG's Chuck Ochelli is Rob's guest and they discuss and dispel the various unproven claims of Jim Fetzer.

Episode 95, Media Bias with Charles Cliff, Topic: Researcher Charles Cliff joins rob to discuss the rampant bias present in the media's coverage of the JFK case.


Episode 1, The Lone Gunman Podcast, Topics: Rob Clark introduces his research, reasoning, and ideas regarding the JFK case and modern society.

Episode 4, Doorway Man, Topics: Regarding the long standing myths of Lee Harvey Oswald's present outside the Texas School Book Depository despite all the evidence and those who embrace such assertions.

Episode 6, First Day Testimony, Topic: Rob covers the various original testimonies just following the assassination of President Kennedy.

Episode 13, F'n with Faction, Topic: Rob discusses books of fiction, fact, and varying ideas regarding the JFK case.

Episode 16, The Spider's Web of the Texas School Book Depository, Topic: Rob assesses the conflicting evidence present in the Depository.

Episode 21, Senorita Marita, Topic: A discussion regarding the Marita Lorenz story and the research of Mary and Ray LaFontaine.

Episode 28, Oswald in Mexico?, Topic: Examining different scenarios of Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico and possible Oswald impersonations.

Episode 30, The Dennis David Interview, Topic: A discussion with Bethesda Hospital's Dennis David and his views of the case.

Episode 36, Indications of Intelligence, Topics: Rob inspects the evidence and some possible Intelligence connections in the JFK case.