What is the Neapolis Media Group?
A group of authors, historians, and researchers who endeavor to provide original content and aggregate news. Our research articles regard historical matters of state and events of importance. The NMG reviews many topics and provides new perspectives, evidence, and analysis. We offer research articles, podcasts, radio shows, and original content free of charge. We receive support from the sale of our special offerings and publications. 

What makes the Neapolis Media Group's content different?
We do not cover the day to day, we attempt to offer just important relevant media. We investigate events with in depth historical context and related current events. If you appreciate a series of articles, radio programs, and podcasts developed over time which offer reasonable insights, welcome to our website.   

What are your standards of reporting?
The Neapolis Media Group utilizes three major standards in its presentation and discussion of media topics. Our guiding standard is accuracy in reporting and reasonable consideration of multiple viewpoints. We strive to offer unbiased reporting without exception to political, social, and conventional beliefs and pressures. We are committed to unhindered discussion of any relevant topic. This is inspired by the American Constitutional freedom of speech, freedom of the Press, and the freedom of expression. No topic is off limits. Finally, we seek to provide greater coverage of our chosen topics with our varied media offerings, these offer a more complete base of reference for the reader.