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"Two Princes And A King" is available in digital and print-on-demand editions. The Kindle version is 4.99, part of the Kindle lending library and in the Matchbook program for 1.99. The Paperback is 14.99. We appreciate your order and interest in the book. 

"Carmine has performed a great service by providing a broad view of the potential suspects in the political assassinations of the 1960's while at the same time dealing with a host of conspiracy related mysteries and urban legends that have actually been resolved over time. In doing so, he makes use of the most contemporary documentary evidence and research, kudos to him for tackling the myths along with the conspiracies." Larry Hancock, Historian and Author of Someone Would Have Talked and Nexus: The CIA and Political Assassination

"Whether you are a new researcher to these cases or just wanting to read the critical facts, Carmine's book will serve you well. One hopes that in time, the real perpetrators, “the men holding the strings” will be finally ousted and exposed for the horrendous effects that these assassinations have caused, and continue to cause, to the world. A thoroughly well presented, researched and fresh approach, without overwhelming the reader with unnecessary minutia and detail. Yet it provides and invites the reader to extend the research if so desired. A job well done, Carmine." Dr. Antonio Fratini, School of Molecular and Biomedical Science

"In Carmine Savastano’s book, “Two Princes And A King” he writes, “Some people collect stamps and art, Hoover collected dangerous secrets.” Savastano expounds upon this observation of J. Edgar Hoover by interweaving Hoover’s culpability in his role in the investigations of the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and Martin Luther King. If you’re interested in the many shadings of these three major events in U.S. history, you will appreciate Savastano’s approach to covering these events with well-documented facts through his usage of painstaking research and insight into the elements of all three horrific deaths. Savastano offers the reader of “Two Princes and a King” insight into the three most important assassinations in modern American history using logic, research, and well-documented sources." Gayle Nix Jackson, Author of Orville Nix: The Missing JFK Assassination Film

"Hard hitting, fast read...endless facts and references." Dr. Richard Burke, Medical Health Professional

"A masterful journey through the three most influential political assassinations of the 1960s. Savastano presents a narrative derived directly from official documents and verifiable testimony...this book is an essential companion for any serious assassination researcher." Rob Clark, Researcher and Host of The Lone Gunman Podcast

"In the new book Two Princes and a King, Carmine Savastano has taken aim at a plethora of myths surrounding the deaths of MLK, RFK, and JFK. What separates this work from many others is the primary source documentation that shatters many of these myths, while bringing forward factually proven truths surrounding the deaths of these three men. Beginning researchers will save themselves a lot of time by starting here, and veteran researchers will love the doors shutting closed tightly on the false mythology of these cases while new doors open for continued research! This is a must read for all of the research community." Matthew Scheufele, Educator and Historian